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We have 10 wonderful speakers lined up for you to speak from November to December 2021. Get to know and connect with the speakers below.

Lucas Smith

Staff Design Technologist |Reddit

Designer (reducer), Software Engineer (hack), and generally pretty stoked about most things.

Caroline Leopold

Designer, Writer, and Founder | Fuel Copy

Caroline founded Fuel Copy in 2012 as an opportunity to work from home and to team up with a variety of companies and agencies. She writes and designs in the technology and healthcare industries.

Devin Rowan

Hobby Web Developer and Content Writer

Devin Rowan is an intermediate-level web developer who has been enamored with computers since a young age. He currently attends college in Wisconsin, United States seeking an undergraduate associate’s degree in Web & Software Development.

Kushan Joshi

Frontend Engineer | Square

Kushan is a Frontend Engineer at Square where he is a part of the invoice team. In the past, he has worked at Mapbox where he worked on improving the front-end infrastructure. He has also contributed to various open source projects like and

Lila Papazian

Software Engineer | Blue Alba

Software Engineer with three years of experience; lover of paper.

Marko Marinkovic

Independent Research and Semantic Web Enthusiast

Marko is a full-stack JS developer at where he is a part of their NodeJS team. He’s been working for 15 years in the industry in multinational teams across Europe. His passion is research of concepts that bridge the gap between web design and development.

Paul Popus

Senior Developer

He is a full stack senior developer based in the UK with four years of commercial experience in PHP, React, and Vue. These days he primarily works on front-end projects with Nextjs and headless CMSes such as Strapi and Sanity.

Saurabh Gupta

Creative Developer

He is a Full Stack Developer & Designer from India. He works on projects ranging from small creative projects to full-fledged complex applications. He started self-taught programming when he was 13 and loves building side projects and working on his open-source projects: Space & Atmos, while also learning cutting-edge tools.


Human Stack Overflow

strager is a popular Twitch streamer and the creator of the world’s fastest JavaScript checker. Formerly a senior Facebook engineer, strager now uses his coding skills for good: free code reviews, career advice, and programming wisdom to developers of all skill levels. He spent four hours writing this biography just to fund his Mexican Coke addiction.

Vikram Ingleshwar

React Native Freelance Developer

He has two decades of experience, which has taught him valuable lessons that he wants to pay forward. He’s worked for companies in both the USA and Germany within the Information Technology Industry..

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